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Highlighted below are a selection of case studies, which show the kind of issues our clients come across and the solutions we provide for them.

Grand Hotel water tanks

TSS Facilities installed correctly sized tanks which conform to water legislation.


Brighton Centre Case Study

Brighton Centre Study

TSS Facilities successfully wins tender for the servicing and maintaining of the M&E plant at the Brighton Centre.


Brighton & Hove City Council

The Brighton & Hove City Council contract has been held by TSS since March 2010, this was successfully retained under tender in April 2014 as a Partnering Contract.


Hotel Heating Installation in Brighton

Hotel Heating Installation in Brighton

The Hotel was running an old heating system which had leaking sections.


Ardingly College Case Study

energy efficient boiler Sussex - Ardingly College

TSS designed and installed a system which reduced the overall Kilowatts of the new boilers



Energy Effiecient Boiler

Service and maintenance contract for local authority


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