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TSS Facilities winter check list

Winter heating service

As the colder weather beings to creep in carrying out small home maintenance checks can help keep your home in top condition. The below checks will help you prepare for the cold winter months.

Heating Check

Now is the time to check your heating is working correctly, don’t wait until the really cold weather is here. By doing this now means if any repairs are needed you can arrange these in enough time.

Book a central heating service

Don’t wait for the cold weather to find out your boiler isn’t working properly, book your boiler service now.

Expansion tank maintenance

If you have a feed and expansion tank in the loft you can carry out a simple test to make sure it’s working well, by moving the float arm up and down a couple of times while watching to check the valve lets in water and then shuts the water off

Check pipework in the loft

Check the pipework in your loft is insulated. Pipes are usually insulated with a grey coloured foam tube. The foam tube simply slots over the pipe to help prevent them from freezing.

Stopcock and isolating valves

Make sure all stopcocks (this applies to the whole house) are working. Test isolating valves by turning them and ensuring they do turn off the supply. By including these checks in your home maintenance regime means that if you do find a leak or a frozen pipe you can confidently turn off the water supply.

Check outside taps and pipes

If you have an external tap, make sure both the pipes and tap itself are insulated to prevent freezing.