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TSS Facilities land British Airways i360 Air Con Maintenance contract.

TSS Facilities Air Conditioning i360

We are proud to announce we have landed the Air Conditioning Maintenance contract for Brighton's iconic British Airways i360.

Bespoke Air Conditioning System Maintenance

The British Airways i360 has become a landmark on the Sussex coastline. This newly developed attraction consists of a complete glass pod which takes the brunt of the coasts weather. During the hotter periods it is essential that the i360 pods Air Conditioning is running smoothly and efficiently.

The i360 hosts a completely bespoke Air Conditioning System which sits within the pod itself. TSS Facilities are proud to announce that we will be maintaining this bespoke Air Conditioning system including:

  • Air Conditioning coil cleaning
  • Testing for filter leaks within the Air Conditioning
  • Refiling the air conditioning refrigerants
  • Checking the Air Conditioning trend controls for faults and errors.

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