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Equality statement

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We are committed to eliminating discrimination and encouraging diversity amongst the workforce which is demonstrated through our employment policies, procedures and practices. Our aim is that our workforce will be truly representative of all sections of society and each person feels respected and able to give of their best.

To that end, the purpose of this policy is to ensure diversity and equality to all in employment, irrespective of their protected characteristics1 such as gender, race, ethnic origin, disability, age, nationality, national origin, sexuality, religion or belief, marital status etc or association with or perception of such protected characteristics. We oppose all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination.

All employees, whether part time, full time or temporary, will be treated fairly, equally and with respect. Selection for employment, promotion, training or any other benefit will be on the basis of aptitude and ability.

All employees will be helped and encouraged to develop their full potential and the talents and resources of the workforce will be fully utilised to maximise the efficiency of the organisation.

Our Commitment:

  • To create an environment in which individual differences and the contributions of all our staff are recognised and valued.
  • To ensure the company's services and activities are of high quality and responsive to our client's needs, ensuring that our employees adequately respond to the needs of our client.
  • Every employee is entitled to a working environment which promotes dignity and respect to all. No form of intimidation, bullying or harassment will be tolerated.
  • To ensure that the company fulfil its legal obligations under the equal opportunities legislation and complies with provisions contained in various Codes of Practice.
  • The commitment to diversity and equality in the workplace is good management practice and makes sound business sense.
  • Breaches of our diversity and equality policy will be regarded as misconduct and could lead to disciplinary proceedings.
  • The policy will be monitored and reviewed annually.


This Equality Policy will be reviewed annually in August of each year by the Managing Director. The responsibility for enforcement of this policy rests with the Managing Director, who will monitor the effectiveness of the policy and associated initiatives. The implementations of initiatives in support of the policy are the responsibilities of the Directors and Managers. All employees have an obligation to avoid discrimination and promote equal opportunities.

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