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Seaford House heating system

Seaford House heating system - Seaford

Scope of work

Seaford House is a residential building in Seaford which provides warden assisted living for retired or people in need of low-level care. The building had a very deteriorated heating system in desperate need of replacement. We recommended the Remeha Quinta Pro Range due to their high performance as condensing boilers. These boilers would also provide Seaford House with an energy saving pay back on the cost over a short amount of time due to their compact and easily-maintained design. The boilers will effectively raise the reliability and energy efficiency of the space and water heating throughout the building.


Due to the severe condition of the existing heating system, it would have not been cost effective to repair and maintain. Therefore, TSS designed and installed a system utilising the Remeha Quinta Pro series, renowned for its reliable, high quality performance. These systems were chosen to reduce the risk of future necessary maintenance while providing an efficient, cost-effective solution that would also reduce the Seaford House’s carbon emissions.

During the installation of the system, the project encountered drawbacks due to seagulls nesting where the flues were being installed. Out of respect for the local wildlife TSS waited for the seagulls to finish nesting undisturbed before we could continue with the installation.



  • 2 x 90Kw Remeha Quinta Pro Boilers
  • Trend System Controller


  • Weather compensating system
  • Control over heating temperature
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Reduction of carbon footprint
  • Reducing maintenance costs

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