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Heat pump installers

Heat pumps for air con cooling

heat pump installers

Not only do heat pumps provide economical heating in the Winter, they also provide effective cooling during the warmer months. By installing an air source heat pump system, both heating and cooling benefits can be realised with one system.

How does a heat pump cool

In simple terms, a heat pump moves heat from one location to another which makes it an efficient way to heat or cool a building because it simply transfers heat. Heat pumps are normally used to heat a building - the heat pump takes heat from a heat source, increases the temperature and then pumps it around the room. But, it can also work the other way around to cool the room instead.

Due to the nature of localised cooling, heat pumps can be room specific - only cooling the rooms they are installed in. They cool down rooms instantly and most systems also include a setback, which allows the system to perform at a certain rate throughout the day before increasing by a few degrees at night.

The installation must be carried out by an FGAS-registered engineer (all of the engineers at TSS Facilities are FGAS-registered) and the company must also be REFCOM-approved.

The cost saving makes heat pumps a strong contender for many businesses. We can provide you with a proper assessment of your cooling needs which could dramatically increase the efficiency of your systems as well as saving you money.

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