The Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel is one of Brightons oldest and most prestigious hotels. Build in 1864, the victorian building is located on Brightons seafront and is a destination hotel for tourists.

The hotel features 201 rooms, an on site spa, luxurious bar and restaurant and function rooms. The Grand Hotel Brighton has played host to notable people such as, Napoleon III, President Kennedy, the Duke of Windsor and Ronald Reagan.

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TSS Facilities Project - Ardingly College - 75% More Efficent
TSS Facilities Project - Ardingly College - 20% Reduced Carbon Emissions
TSS Facilities Project - Ardingly College - 3 Year Warranty
TSS Facilities Project - Ardingly College - 20 Years Partnered


01. Heating

The Grand Hotel was running an old heating system which suffered from leaks from multiple sections of the pipework. The Grand Hotel were looking to repair the system and to stop the pipes leaking.

02. Water Tank

The water tanks at The Grand Hotel Brighton did not conform to current water legislation and due to their age they suffered with corrosion and leaks.

The tanks were also oversized for the requirement which took up valuable space not the roof.

Contracted Services


01. Heating

Due to the age and the extent of the problems from the existing heating system, it would not have been cost effective to repair. TSS surveyed the heating demand and needs of the hotel and specified a new heating system which would deliver the heating requirements of the hotel, whilst maximising the efficiency of the system.

02. Water Tank

TSS Facilities were asked to install a correctly sized tanks which conform to water legislation.

The new tanks met the L8 water regulations for the prevention of legionella and a cost savings have been made due to water usage and heat loss providing greater energy efficiency.