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The Grand Hotel is one of Brighton’s oldest and most prestigious hotels. Built-in 1864, the Victorian building is located on the Seafront and is a destination hotel for tourists. The building is Grade II listed.

The hotel features 201 rooms, an on-site spa, luxurious bar and restaurant and function rooms

Refurbishment and M & E works to the Albert Room

These works related to the replacement of the Air-Handling System, heating in the form of Radiator replacement, and Controls to the Albert Room area of the Hotel. It also incorporated the complete redecoration of the area. TSS Facilities were appointed Principal Contractor to oversee all works within the specification.

"We’ve dealt with TSS for over 10 years. They service our hotel, providing regular maintenance in an exemplary manner. They have recently completed a large, complex install at the hotel and we couldn't be more happy with the final results. I like the fact that they engage in straight talk, clearly explaining what needs to be done, then doing it – getting it done right the first time."

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The Grand

Challenges faced

Various challenges were faced throughout the duration of the Project.

  • A crane lift was required to lift the new Air-Handling system onto the roof where the equipment was to be sited. Whilst the crane was in position, the redundant equipment was removed and taken from site immediately for safe disposal. A fully managed lift was carried out without any disruption and safely.
  • The Hotel was still occupied throughout the duration of the works. Noise levels were kept to a minimum during early mornings on any external works. The Albert Room was sectioned off from the Hotel guests to prevent any potential access issues, with all site operatives gaining access from the rear of the building without the need to walk through the main Reception area.
  • Chandelier – the Albert Room had 2 chandeliers installed which needed to be removed whilst the works were progressing. A specialist company were instructed to remove, and then re-install once works were complete. All completed safely and without disruption to the Project or the Hotel.
  • The areas GB1 and GB2 are linked to the Albert Room. With the refurbishment being carried out in the Albert Room, this reflected on the condition of these areas. As Principal Contractor, we advised these areas should also be re-decorated. This was agreed and works carried out quickly and efficiently.
  • It was established that the Albert Room ceiling was in urgent need of repair. A full specialist survey was carried out, and under the jurisdiction of Heritage, the essential works were carried out and completed without an adverse effect of the timescale of the Project.
  • The project was carried out during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the numerous restrictions given by the pandemic, the works were still completed within the timeframe and without any positive cases.


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