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Meet The Team

Senior staff at TSS Facilities

Meet The Team

Senior staff at TSS Facilities


TSS Facilities Staff Andy Tugwell


Andy Tugwell

Andy, a seasoned professional with an enduring commitment to our company, has been an integral part of our journey for many years. Having initially served as the Managing Director, he now holds the position of Chairman, demonstrating his long-standing dedication and leadership within our organization.

In his role as Managing Director, Andy played a pivotal role in steering the company through various challenges and milestones, contributing significantly to our growth and success. Having accumulated a wealth of experience over the years, he has transitioned into the role of Chairman, taking a more strategic and advisory position.

As Chairman, Andy has opted to take the role, showcasing a thoughtful and deliberate approach to his leadership style. While he may not be involved in day-to-day operations, his influence, guidance, and wealth of experience continue to shape the company’s trajectory. In this capacity, he provides strategic insights and serves as a mentor to the leadership team, ensuring a smooth transition and contributing to the long-term success of the business.

Andy’s decision to take the role as Chairman is a testament to his confidence in the capable hands of the current management team and his desire to contribute to the company’s success in a more strategic capacity. His enduring presence and leadership legacy make him an invaluable asset to our organisation.

TSS Facilities Staff James Beresford Ward

Managing Director

James Beresford-Ward

James has had a remarkable journey at TSS, starting as a Department Manager in early 2017. With 13 years of combined hands-on experience and managerial expertise, he quickly became an integral part of the organization. Over time, James demonstrated his leadership capabilities, resulting in a series of promotions within the company.

His progression through the ranks speaks volumes about his dedication and contribution to the company. From Department Manager, James moved up to the position of General Manager, showcasing his ability to navigate and excel in various aspects of the business. Subsequently, he took on the role of Operations Director, demonstrating his versatility and strategic thinking.

Currently, James holds the prestigious position of Managing Director, a role that involves being part of the board, indicating his influence and decision-making authority within the organization. This journey reflects not only his professional growth but also the trust and confidence the company has placed in him.

James is characterized by his passion for delivering quality service and his commitment to developing new business opportunities. His extensive knowledge and skills have been pivotal in ensuring the optimal performance of each department. His focus on tailoring services and maintaining a high level of professionalism underscores his dedication to providing a personalized experience for every client.

In summary, James’s career trajectory at TSS highlights his leadership, adaptability, and commitment to excellence. As Managing Director, he continues to steer the company towards success, emphasizing quality service and client satisfaction.

TSS Facilities Staff Chris Tugwell

Financial Director

Chris Tugwell

Chris is a valuable asset to the business, bringing a solid financial background and extensive practical and commercial experience as a qualified accountant. His financial expertise plays a crucial role in the overall health and success of the company. With many years of experience in the field, Chris is well-equipped to handle the financial complexities and challenges that may arise in the business.

In addition to his financial role, Chris holds qualifications to NEBOSH standards, demonstrating his commitment to health and safety. By ensuring compliance with all relevant procedures and legislation for TSS Facilities, he plays a key role in creating a safe and secure working environment. This dual expertise in finance and health and safety underscores his comprehensive approach to managing the business’s operational aspects.

Chris’s belief in the importance of customer service aligns with the company’s values. He sees the passion for customer service as a secret to TSS’s success, and this shared commitment within the team contributes to the overall positive experience for clients. Recognizing the significance of customer satisfaction in the success of the business, Chris likely emphasizes the importance of delivering quality service and maintaining strong client relationships.

In summary, Chris’s dual qualifications as a qualified accountant and his commitment to health and safety make him a versatile and crucial member of the TSS team. His belief in the team’s shared passion for customer service reflects a holistic approach to business success, acknowledging the importance of financial stability, safety, and customer satisfaction in achieving the company’s goals.

TSS Facilities Staff Kieren Boulter

Operations Director

Kieren Boulter

Kieren’s journey at TSS since joining the team in 2008 showcases a remarkable and dedicated career progression. Starting as an electrical apprentice, he has climbed the ranks through his hard work and commitment to excellence.

His evolution from an electrician to the role of electrical supervisor indicates not only his technical proficiency but also his ability to take on leadership responsibilities. Kieren’s transition to the position of service manager demonstrates his capacity to oversee a wide range of maintenance services, including heating, gas, electrical, air conditioning, and refrigeration. Managing a team of 18 engineers and 2 administrators, he played a pivotal role in ensuring the efficient delivery of planned and reactive maintenance services.

Within the service manager role, Kieren took on diverse responsibilities such as pricing new works and contracts, auditing engineer works, overseeing parts and equipment ordering, and managing the calibration of test equipment. His attention to detail extended to ensuring that the engineers’ qualifications in gas, electrical, and refrigeration were up-to-date and compliant with the latest standards.

Kieren’s success in the service manager role positioned him for further advancement, leading to his current position as Operations Director. In this capacity, he now oversees the day-to-day operations of multiple departments within TSS. Collaborating closely with the Managing Director and Financial Director, Kieren is involved in strategic planning for the future of the business. His role encompasses not only maintaining the smooth functioning of various departments but also contributing to the company’s growth by aligning with the goals outlined in the business plan.

Kieren’s journey is a testament to his dedication, leadership capabilities, and ability to adapt to increasing levels of responsibility. His role as Operations Director reflects the trust and confidence the company has placed in him to contribute to TSS’s ongoing success.

TSS Facilities Staff Steve Tugwell

Water Treatment Director

Steve Tugwell

Steve’s extensive 20-year experience in the water treatment industry positions him as a highly qualified expert in his field. Leading his department, Steve oversees a diverse portfolio of contracts, ensuring that they are managed to the highest standards in compliance with legislation and TSS policies and procedures. His role is critical in maintaining water hygiene and safety for clients.

Beyond the day-to-day management of contracts, Steve plays a vital role in advising customers on best practices for maintaining water hygiene. This includes providing insights into industry standards, regulations, and TSS’s own policies to ensure that clients’ water treatment needs are met with the utmost care and expertise.

Steve’s influence in the water treatment field extends beyond his role at TSS. His expertise and knowledge make him a sought-after speaker and presenter at water treatment seminars and training events around the country. By sharing his insights and experience, Steve contributes not only to the success of TSS but also to the broader industry’s understanding of water treatment best practices.

His dual role as both a department leader and an industry speaker underscores Steve’s comprehensive grasp of water treatment. He not only ensures that TSS clients receive top-tier service but also actively contributes to the education and advancement of the industry as a whole. Steve’s multifaceted contributions make him a valuable asset to both TSS and the broader water treatment community.

Operational Management

TSS Facilities Staff Elaine Bushby

Water Treatment Supervisor


Elaine’s extensive 25 years of administration experience make her a seasoned professional in her field. For the past 8 years, she has been a valuable member of the Water Treatment department, where her expertise has been crucial in various aspects of monitoring and cleaning hot and cold systems.

In her main role, Elaine is responsible for scheduling engineers across a spectrum of tasks related to water treatment. This includes coordinating activities ranging from routine monitoring to the cleaning of hot and cold systems. Her meticulous scheduling ensures that the necessary work is carried out efficiently and in compliance with industry standards.

Elaine’s time in the Water Treatment department has not only honed her administrative skills but has also equipped her with an extensive range of water hygiene knowledge. This deep understanding allows her to contribute significantly to the efficient and effective coordination of tasks within the department.

As the first point of contact for booking works or seeking advice, Elaine plays a crucial role in facilitating communication between clients and the Water Treatment department. Her wealth of experience and knowledge makes her a go-to resource for clients who may require assistance or information related to water treatment services.

In summary, Elaine’s impressive background in administration, coupled with her specific expertise in water treatment over the past 8 years, positions her as a valuable member of the team. Her role as a scheduler and primary contact reflects her commitment to ensuring smooth operations and excellent customer service within the Water Treatment department.

TSS Facilities Staff Helena Polackova

Account Manager


Helena’s impressive career in the building maintenance industry spans nearly 12 years, showcasing her expertise in both domestic and commercial service and maintenance contracts, covering both gas and non-gas systems. Her role involves overseeing various aspects of building maintenance, highlighting her versatility and proficiency in managing diverse contracts.

One of Helena’s key responsibilities is managing the technical aspects of the industry, particularly in sourcing and ordering plumbing and boiler spare parts. Her knowledge in this area is crucial for ensuring the availability of necessary components, contributing to the efficiency of maintenance operations.

A standout quality in Helena’s approach to her work is her unwavering commitment to providing the highest levels of customer service. Recognizing customer service as the linchpin for any successful business, she ensures that clients receive exceptional care and satisfaction. Helena’s dedication to customer service aligns with the broader philosophy of creating positive and lasting relationships with clients.

In summary, Helena’s 12 years of experience, coupled with her responsibilities in managing diverse maintenance contracts and handling technical aspects of the industry, positions her as a valuable and knowledgeable professional. Her commitment to delivering excellent customer service further underscores her role as a key contributor to the success of the business.

James Goodall Photo

Heating Projects manager


James’ journey within TSS Facilities is noteworthy, having joined the company in July 2023 and already making a significant impact. His unique perspective and wealth of knowledge in the mechanical sector position him as a valuable asset to the team.

What sets James apart is his history with TSS, having started as an apprentice and gradually worked his way up to a management position. This internal progression not only reflects his dedication to the company but also showcases his commitment to personal and professional growth. His experience from the ground up provides him with a deep understanding of the company’s operations and values.

One of James’ notable strengths lies in his ability to offer a high level of technical guidance and expertise. This makes him a valuable resource for both clients and fellow employees, contributing to the overall technical proficiency of the team. His capability to navigate the complexities of the mechanical sector positions TSS Facilities as a reliable and knowledgeable service provider.

In summary, James’ journey from apprentice to management within TSS Facilities, coupled with his wealth of knowledge in the mechanical sector, highlights his dedication and expertise. His role not only enhances the technical capabilities of the team but also strengthens the company’s commitment to delivering quality service to clients.

Jay Rolf Photo

Service Manager


Jay’s extensive 15 years of experience in the commercial gas/plumbing industry mark him as a seasoned professional with a proven track record of success. His commitment to excellence is evident through his passion for providing outstanding customer service, reflecting a dedication to ensuring the satisfaction of the customer base.

For the past 5 years, Jay has been a key figure at a pharmaceutical company, where he has taken on the responsibility of overseeing Facilities Management. During this time, he has not only honed his expertise in the industry but has also developed his management style. Jay’s keen eye for compliance reflects his commitment to upholding industry standards and regulations, ensuring that operations are conducted with precision and in adherence to relevant guidelines.

Beyond his technical proficiency, Jay stands out as a leader who prioritizes staff engagement. His role as a positive influence on the team he leads demonstrates his commitment to fostering a positive and collaborative work environment. By being a pioneer for staff engagement, Jay contributes to the overall success and well-being of the team.

In summary, Jay’s extensive experience, commitment to customer service, and expertise in the commercial gas/plumbing industry make him a valuable asset to any organization. His management style, focus on compliance, and dedication to staff engagement contribute to the overall success of the teams and projects he leads.

TSS Facilities Staff Dan Wallace

AC Installs Manager


Dan’s 14 years of experience in the Air Conditioning and HVAC industry reflect a journey marked by both hands-on expertise and professional growth. Starting as an apprentice, he has worked his way up to become a lead engineer with a focus on managing site installs to exceptionally high standards.

His experience encompasses working with and installing various manufactured systems, indicating a breadth of technical knowledge and proficiency in adapting to diverse HVAC systems. This versatility positions him as a valuable asset in handling a range of projects within the industry.

One of Dan’s standout qualities is his enjoyment in meeting new customers and clients. This personal approach allows him to develop highly respectable relationships, emphasizing the importance of building rapport in the business. His commitment to delivering a first-class service to all reflects not only his technical capabilities but also his dedication to customer satisfaction.

In summary, Dan’s career trajectory, from apprentice to lead engineer, showcases his expertise and dedication within the Air Conditioning and HVAC industry. His ability to manage site installs to high standards, coupled with his focus on building strong client relationships, positions him as a professional who contributes significantly to the success of projects and the satisfaction of clients.

Accounts Team

TSS Facilities Staff Ashton Dolan

Accounts Executive


Ashton’s journey at TSS reflects her commitment, ambition, and versatility within the company. Joining as a Service Administrator in the busy Service Department in 2013, she has made significant strides in her career within TSS.

Her ambitions led her to transition into the Accounts role, becoming an integral part of the Finance Department in 2016. This career shift demonstrates Ashton’s adaptability and desire to take on new challenges within the organization. Her educational pursuits are evident in her professional qualifications, having achieved the AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting, and being on the verge of finalizing her AAT Level 3 qualification. This commitment to continuous learning aligns with her role in finance, emphasizing her dedication to staying updated with industry standards and best practices.

Ashton’s keen eye and focus on attention to detail make her a valuable asset in the finance domain where precision and accuracy are paramount. Her long-serving tenure at TSS underscores her commitment and loyalty to the company, making her a core and reliable member of the team.

In summary, Ashton’s progression from a Service Administrator to her current role in the Finance Department, coupled with her educational achievements and attention to detail, reflects her dedication and value as a long-serving core employee at TSS.

Accounts Apprentice


Sophie, our diligent Accounts Assistant, has recently achieved a significant milestone by qualifying in her field. Joining our team, she brings a fresh perspective and a newly minted set of skills to her role. Working collaboratively as part of a team, Sophie actively contributes to the smooth operation of our accounting department.

With her recent qualification, Sophie showcases a commitment to professional growth and a dedication to mastering the intricacies of her role. As an Accounts Assistant, she plays a pivotal part in financial operations, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in various accounting tasks.

What sets Sophie apart is not only her proficiency in her job but also her genuine enjoyment of her role within the company. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm contribute to a vibrant team dynamic, making her a valued member of our workforce. Sophie’s dedication to her job, coupled with her collaborative spirit, significantly enhances the overall effectiveness of our accounting team.

In summary, Sophie is a recently qualified and dedicated Accounts Assistant who thrives as part of a team. Her skills, coupled with her enjoyment of her job role, make her an asset to our organization.

Commercial Team

TSS Facilities Staff Jason Mamoany

Commercial Manager


Jason’s extensive 27 years with TSS exemplify his longstanding commitment and versatile contributions to the company. Over the years, he has covered various roles within the organization, showcasing his adaptability and dedication.

In 2018, Jason took on the role of Commercial Manager, marking a transition to a key position focused on the commercial side of the business. In this capacity, he collaborates closely with the Financial Director and General Manager, emphasizing a coordinated approach to delivering services in a cost-effective and sustainable manner. Jason’s role is pivotal in aligning the commercial strategies of the company with its overall business objectives.

As Commercial Manager, Jason shoulders significant responsibilities. He is tasked with overseeing all tenders and PQQs (Pre-Qualification Questionnaires), indicating his involvement in securing new business opportunities. His negotiation skills come to the fore as he engages with suppliers, aiming to deliver a cost-competitive service to all clients. This aspect of his role emphasizes his commitment to providing value to clients while maintaining the financial health of the company.

In summary, Jason’s extensive tenure, coupled with his diverse experiences within TSS, positions him as a key figure in the commercial management of the company. His role reflects not only his ability to adapt to different responsibilities but also his crucial involvement in shaping the business’s commercial strategies and ensuring cost-effective service delivery to clients.

Facilities team

TSS Facilities Staff Simone Yates

Facilities Co-ordinator


Simone’s extensive 25 years of customer service experience, coupled with her NCFE Level 2 Diploma in Customer Service, positions her as a highly skilled professional in ensuring customer satisfaction. Her wealth of experience equips her with the insights and knowledge necessary to keep customers happy and maintain positive relationships.

In her role at TSS, Simone’s primary tasks involve assisting Elaine with the efficient running of the water treatment department. This includes various responsibilities such as invoicing and accurately completing Legionella risk assessment forms. Her attention to detail and proficiency in administrative tasks contribute to the smooth operation of the department.

Simone’s qualifications extend to holding a Legionella awareness qualification, indicating her commitment to staying informed about industry-specific requirements and best practices. This additional qualification underscores her dedication to maintaining high standards in water treatment and Legionella risk management.

In summary, Simone’s extensive customer service experience, combined with her qualifications and role-specific responsibilities, positions her as a valuable asset to TSS. Her contributions in assisting with departmental operations and ensuring compliance with Legionella risk assessment procedures highlight her dedication to both customer service and maintaining the highest standards in water treatment.

Facilities co-ordinator


Gail’s presence since 2023 has added a valuable dimension to the company’s administrative team. With her wealth of administration skills gained in various sectors, she contributes a diverse set of experiences to her role.

Working collaboratively with other administrators, Gail is involved in scheduling works for engineers. This responsibility requires effective communication with clients, ensuring a seamless coordination of services. Her role also extends to assisting the department manager with quoting tasks, showcasing her versatility and ability to handle different aspects of the administrative process.

Gail’s enjoyment of her role within the business is evident, and her love for working as part of a team aligns with the collaborative spirit of the company. This positive attitude likely contributes to a harmonious work environment and effective teamwork within the administrative department.

In summary, Gail’s administration skills, combined with her collaborative approach and enthusiasm for being part of a team, make her a valuable member of the company. Her contributions to scheduling, client communication, and quoting activities contribute to the overall efficiency and success of the administrative functions within the business.

Facilities co-ordinator


Anastasiia, having joined the company in 2023, has quickly become an integral part of the administrative team, bringing with her valuable administration skills cultivated across various sectors.

Working collaboratively with other administrators, Anastasiia plays a key role in scheduling works for engineers. Her effective communication with clients contributes to the seamless coordination of services, ensuring client satisfaction and efficient project management. Additionally, she actively supports the department manager with quoting tasks, showcasing her versatility and ability to handle different aspects of the administrative process.

Anastasiia’s enjoyment of her role within the business and her love for working as part of a team are notable aspects of her professional approach. Her positive attitude likely contributes to a harmonious work environment and effective teamwork within the administrative department.

In summary, Anastasiia’s experience, coupled with her collaborative approach and enthusiasm for being part of a team, makes her a valuable member of the company. Her contributions to scheduling, client communication, and quoting activities contribute to the overall efficiency and success of the administrative functions within the business.

Facilities co-ordinator


Caitlin’s introduction to the team has brought valuable administration skills to the company. Working collaboratively with other administrators, she plays a vital role in scheduling works for engineers. Her effective communication with clients ensures a seamless coordination of services, and she actively supports the department manager by assisting with quoting tasks.

Caitlin’s enjoyment of her role within the business and her love for working as part of a team underscore her positive and collaborative approach. This enthusiasm likely contributes to a harmonious work environment and effective teamwork within the administrative department.

In summary, Caitlin’s administration skills, combined with her positive attitude and collaborative spirit, make her a valuable member of the team. Her contributions to scheduling, client communication, and quoting activities significantly contribute to the overall efficiency and success of the administrative functions within the business.

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